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Traditional Repression in DeKalb County

I have mostly stayed out of the “Anonymous vs. Scientology” dust-up. Since I am a normal person, I despise Scientology for being a money-cult. I despise Scientology for being a dangerous, criminal organization. More personally, I despise Scientology for going after my mother’s money.

My mother turns 90 this month. It has only been a year-and-a-half since a Scientologist came to my mother’s door with offers of “free” personality tests, with all its hidden costs. Even threats of gun violence would not keep Scientologists from trying to pick my mother’s pocket. The Church of Scientology identified my mother as a mark. And in fact, my mother is a mark. This is why my mother no longer has control of her money. In the end, Scientology could not get blood from this turnip, and they sauntered off.

Strong personal cause to get involved though I may have, I have mostly stayed out of the “Anonymous vs. Scientology” friction. The greed that drives Scientology will not be reduced by any outside force. If I got involved in the “Anonymous vs. Scientology” clash, it would be for the fun of fighting evil, not in the belief that any good would come of it.

But then I saw this over at ERV:

This had me going, and I had to speak out at last. Not about The Church of Scientology, but about gross police misconduct. In the above video from Atlanta in DeKalb County, Georgia, we see police using intimidation to stop even the slightest expression of basic American freedom. Well, Georgia, don’t you know.

After all these years, DeKalb County police are still making the rock-hard stand against Decency or Justice. What does one say about thugs in uniform using Nazi storm-trouper tactics to stomp out legal, and justified, dissent? Most police officers are happy to fight crime. In DeKalb County, Georgia, the police are happy to be agents for America’s enemies.

And yes, Scientology is one of America’s enemies.

 --- Pip R. Lagenta

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