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Ignore This Experiment

I have not paid much attention to Podcasts.  I have never owned an iPod.  The concept of downloading things to be played on a piece of hardware that I have never possessed seems beyond pointless.

On the other hand, I have, from time to time, enjoyed listening to audio files that I have downloaded from the World Wide Web.  If we call these audio files that I have downloaded from the World Wide Web by the name "Podcast", then Podcasts’ inherent pointlessness vanishes.

So, over at "Cheryl’s Mewsings", Cheryl writes that she is going to learn "how to do podcasts".  This seems like an excellent idea!  But from where would you learn such a thing?  Who teaches "how to do podcasts"?  I have no idea!  Additionally, Cheryl writes that she has bought for herself a "digital voice recorder".  I’m sorry, a what?  A "digital voice recorder"!!!  She lost me there.  Why does Cheryl want to record digital voices?  And where does someone even find a digital voice to record?

Anyway... podcasts...

In point of fact, I have already posted an audio file to the World Wide Web.  It is just a goofy sound bite that I created some years ago to test out my sound editing program.  This thing cannot be called, by any stretch of the imagination, a "Podcast".  For one thing, it is a ".wav" file.  I think podcasts are supposed to be in the MP3 format.

I happen to have a computer.  No, really!  I am sitting at it right now!  At no time will I be purchasing a "digital voice recorder".  But, I do own, right at this moment, a microphone with a USB interface.  On my computer, I have Nero WaveEditor, which can do nice things with the sounds that the microphone picks up.  I can save these sounds to an audio file in the MP3 format.

We can call these audio files "Podcasts".

But there is a problem!  This thing that we are calling a podcast is sitting on my computer where no one else in the world can hear them!  O.K.  That may be a good thing, but never mind that.  How do I get the Podcast out there, out onto the World Wide Web?

I suppose that if I took a class in "podcast creation", then I would be told all these details.  But I have never seen "podcast creation" listed in a college catalog.  I have no idea how the professionals do it.  I guess I will just have to make something up, just as I did for the creation of the audio file.

It turns out that I have a web page.  I could put my podcast there.  I don’t even have to put a link to the audio file on the web site anywhere.  It can be an orphan, linked to from this blog only.  Or I can build a podcast page later, if I ever decide to do a second podcast.

What will be the subject of this first experimental podcast?  I think that I will keep it simple and unimportant... so that if I fuck it all up, no one will give a rat’s assIf I ever learn how to do a real podcast, I can do something more interesting and important at that time.  This first podcast, then, will simply be a reading of yesterday’s blog: "The Planet of Teenage Independence".  Click on the words "no one will give a rat’s ass" to hear my first podcast.  If you have any input on this attempt, I'd love to hear it!

This podcast experiment is the direct result of reading Cheryl Morgan's blog.

--Pip R. Lagenta
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