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Pip's fourth YouTube video: The MomCat Movie

I have posted my fourth video to YouTube. It is about the feral cat that comes around for a meal now and then. She is the mother of my two cats, so I have named her "MomCat". MomCat brought her feral kittens into my back yard when they were about three months old. The kittens stayed in my yard because I fed them. That was three years ago. They are now fully socialized. I can't socialize MomCat, however, because she won't stay around long enough for me to do it. She is streetwise enough to survive without help from me. I did catch MomCat, some years ago, and had her fixed so that she would not have any more kittens. Nonetheless, she is still feral.

Here is the MomCat Movie:

Or use this URL:
...because at the above URL there appears to be a "high quality" (but slow loading) version of "The MomCat Movie" available to view if you so choose.

---Pip R. Lagenta
Tags: cat, feral, momcat, video, youtube
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