pip_r_lagenta (pip_r_lagenta) wrote,

The "they are both idiots" Chestnut

It is a fact of the World Wide Web (that can be considered to be a Web cliché) that whenever an argument between two personalities is discussed in an open forum, some wag will inevitably opine that "they are both idiots", or words to that effect.  It does not matter how much superior one personality’s argument is over the other, the summary dismissal of both parties is brutally certain.  The person(s) writing the "Screw ‘em all" post(s) never gives reasons.  There are no reasons to give.  The only explanation that could be stated is "I don’t understand what these people are saying, therefore they must be idiots".  And who would ever say that?

--Pip R. Lagenta
Tags: chestnut, cliché, idiots, world wide web
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