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Pip R. Lagenta
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Thursday, October 4th, 2007

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"Gallery in Seven Fits" image index
The images of science fiction fans and science fiction professionals in my "Gallery in Seven Fits"
have now been indexed, alphabetically by the last names of the fans and pros depicted therein.  This new index may be found at:

Individuals indexed include:
Forrest J Ackerman; Sergio Aragonés; Isaac Asimov; Steven Barnes; Casey Bernay; Robert Bloch; Robbie Bourget; David Brin; Kim Marks Brown; Bea Barrio Buchman; Ed Buchman; Algis Budrys; Jeni Burr; Octavia E. Butler; Marty Cantor; Ray Capella; Chocolate Moose; Gavin Claypool; Patrice Cook; Arthur Byron Cover; Carol Ann Cranston; Dan Deckert; Danise Deckert; Ian Deckert; Jim Dennis; Gordon R. Dickson; Tom Digby; Adams Douglas; Harlan Ellison; Mike Frank; Stanley Friesen; Glenn Glazer; Mike Glyer; Robert Gustaveson; Barbara Hambly; Jack Harness; John Hertz; Harold Hobbs; Mike Hodel; Charles Lee Jackson, II; George Jumper; Jennifer Jumper; Terry Karney; Jack Kirby; Damon Knight; Pip R. Lagenta; Ursula K. Le Guin; Stan Lee; Gary Louie; George R.R. Martin; Marty Massoglia; Mary Elinor Massoglia; Tim Merrigan; Craig Miller; Len Moffatt; William Mueller; George Mulligan; Larry Niven; Marilyn Niven; Bob Null; Fred Patten; Bruce E. Pelz; Elayne Pelz; Alex Pournelle; Jerry Pournelle; Maria Rodriguez; Allan Rothstein; Drew Sanders; Robert Sheckley; John Shirley; Robert Silverberg; Norman Spinrad; Milt Stevens; Paul Turner; R-Laurraine Tutihasi; Fang Van took; Alan Winston; Joe Zeff; Roger Zelazny.

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