December 6th, 2007


Plans for the ONE Gigabyte


It has been over two months since Comcast told me (and other Comcast users) that they would be increasing the size of their on-line storage by forty times (from 25 Mb to 1 GB).  Comcast said that they would do it "soon".  I started this "blog" to report on the many uses to which I would put this new expanded storage space.  You see, I use this space for my web site  I have used up my 25 Mb, having only 55 KB left for use on my web site.  55 KB is enough for one medium sized JPEG.

I took some nice photos at the Ride the Blinds gig in San Francisco last Friday night.  I would like to post the best of the photos to my web site... but no.  I should point out that I don’t really post straight up photos.  I manipulate my photos extensively before showing them.  For me, that is the fun part... the manipulation.  Since I ran out of space for my web site, three or four months ago, I have made eight or ten "photos" that I would like to put up.  I would have manipulated more photos, but I am taking a college course this semester.

Ideas keep popping into my head about what I could do with a full Gigabyte of web site space.  Some years ago, I scanned into my computer my collection of 100-year-old postcards that had belonged to the first wife of my mother’s father.  There are more than a hundred of them.  I would love to set up a page displaying them!

I have a movie of the Raccoons that come in the cat-door every night to eat the cat food.  I would like to post that, but it is 16 Mb all by itself.  I made one attempt to post my "Raccoon Movie" to YouTube, but it failed.  If I have success posting it anywhere, I will report it here.

If Comcast continues to fail to provide the promised expanded storage space, I will be forced to pay real money to acquire a real web site.  If I do that, I will end my business relationship with Comcast and get a different ISP.

---Pip R. Lagenta