December 7th, 2007


The Raccoon Movie

My First YouTube video!

It is called "The Raccoon Movie".  You can see it at

I hope that you like it!

There was a serious learning curve involved in making that thing.  I do not have a real video camera.  I used my digital camera to "film" the raccoons that come into my house every night.  (Two raccoons have come in and eaten some cat food even as I write this blog.)  My digital camera has a setting to take silent ".mov" format clips.  It is silent because my little digital camera has no sound recording equipment on it.  My "nero suite" has a movie editing program in it called "NeroVision Express 3".  I figured out how to use
"NeroVision Express 3" to take MP3 files from my music library and blend it with video clips.  There are three video clips and two "wipes" in my "Raccoon Movie".  The NERO program also let me put in the opening title and the closing credits.

Today, I ordered a USB microphone from that I hope I can use to add narration to some future YouTube videos.

---Pip R. Lagenta