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Pip R. Lagenta
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Thursday, March 20th, 2008

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Old Post Cards
Post Card #1A

Post Card #1B

Josephine Williams is the maiden name of my mother’s father’s first wife.  I have scanned in about a hundred of her post cards from a hundred years ago.

This one is from a Florida alligator farm.  But her correspondents were world travelers.  I have a few hundred-year-old post cards from overseas.

What should I do with them?  Put them on Flickr?  Put them on my web site?  Do both?  Or should I just do nothing with them, and let them sit in my computer?

Is anyone interested in this kind of thing?  I have no idea.

--Pip R. Lagenta

Expelled from “Expelled”
This is just too funny!  You know, in a sad kind of way.
---Pip R. Lagenta

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