June 12th, 2009


The Story So Far

Why did I start blogging?  Why did I stop blogging?

My first blog on "LiveJournal" was an ironic observation that I get board too easily to be a regular blogger.  And that proved to be too true in the long run.

But I began regular blogging to complain about Comcast.

Comcast had promised to enlarge my personal web site space, but they kept not doing it.  At that time I was maxed-out of space.  I had used the full 25Mb that was then available to me for free.  Comcast said that they would "soon" allow me up to 5Gb of space for use on my web site, a 40 times increase.  I had so many plans for that extra space!

My plans died not with a bang, but a whimper.  Comcast did indeed, eventually, give me the extra space.  But Comcast fucked me over in a more subtle way.  Comcast changed the way that you make updates, or additions, to your web site.  Comcast decided to make their users use non-standard methods to change or update files on their customer’s personal web sites.  These non-standard methods are so complex, repetitive and time consuming, that even the smallest and simplest changes take a huge amount of time and effort.  My big plans for my web site died in Comcast’s wildly complex (and repetitive) interface.

Meanwhile, blogging had become a habit.  I had some few stories that I wanted to tell.  Writing has never been easy for me.  But if I kept the blogs short, it worked well.  I told my stories.  I had fun telling my stories.

Some weird things happened as a result of the stories that I told.  For example, I became unexpectedly linked to a kidnap case in Boston.  Just today, a reporter called me because the kidnapper in the case was convicted this morning.

Another thing that resulted from my blog (and its related photo on Flickr) was my connection to a popular actor from the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

As I continued to blog, I eventually ran out of stories to tell.  I began to write opinion pieces, instead.  Well, it turns out that different people have different opinions.  When I state my opinion I find that other people feel inclined to tell me their differing opinions.  And now, suddenly, I’m "Mr. Controversial".  Well, arguing takes a lot of energy, and it is not fun for me.

So, blogging is not fun.  Why am I doing it?  I am doing it out of habit.  It turns out that "Habit" is not reason enough to do something that is not fun.  I have other fun things to do.  These fun things take up my time and I let blogging go.

Fun things that I have been doing include taking a night class at the local junior college, making films for YouTube, spending time with friends at a regular live music event, tutoring a student regarding computer subjects, and playing with my cats.

Will I be able to get back to regular blogging?  That depends on whether or not I can come up with stories to tell.

Watch this space.

Pip R. Lagenta