April 22nd, 2011


New LASFS location

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society is considering moving to a new location.  The location of the new LASFS property was not being written anywhere that I could find.  I asked about this "secrecy".  But Karl Lembke, Chairman of the LASFS Board of Directors, was kind enough to tell me that the manifestation of apparent secrecy was nothing more than an illusion caused by people simply being too lazy to actually type the address in anyplace where it could be seen.  Well, let me fix that:  The location of the proposed new LASFS property is the corner of Aetna St. and Tyrone Ave. in Van Nuys, California.  Building access would be possible from 14268 Aetna St. Van Nuys, and additional addresses around the corner on Tyrone Ave.  The buildings are one block east of Van Nuys Blvd, one block west of Hazeltine Ave., and one block north of Oxnard St. with very nice proximity to the Orange line.  [The prospect that the address was to be SECRET was upsetting to me.  I am glad that I was wrong.]