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FoOP in Berkeley, the videos

How I have spent my time, recently:

I have gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of editing these videos.  While it is too bad that my film editing program is cheap and low quality (i.e. a microsoft program), it was, barely, enough to get the job done.  I recorded the sound on separate  equipment from the video.  This produced a much higher quality sound for the videos.  But it also meant that the sound had to be synchronized to the video.  The microsoft move editing program allowed for that, but did not make it easy.  (Microsoft NEVER makes things easy.)  The sound synchronization process required the use of the classic "clapper", or "Slate", in a comically cliched, but utterly necessary, way.  During the filming, people were amused to see the clapper used with a standard home video camera.  I am sure that they thought that I was just being goofy, but no.  I had to do it.  These videos were filmed at the regular "Friends of Old Puppy" gig that happens every Saturday morning at 10am in the
Nabolom Bakery
2708 Russell St.
Berkeley, CA 94705

Please come by any Saturday morning!

It was fun.  I am hot to move on to the next project.

 --Pip R. Lagenta

Tags: berkeley, clapper, friends of old puppy, microsoft, nabolom, nabolom bakery, slate, steven strauss, windows movie maker, youtube
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