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Old Puppy

Steven Strauss is leader of the band called Old Puppy.  They play Saturday mornings at Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley, California.  Steven Strauss is a multi-talented musician who prefers soft versions of Jazz classics.  For Old Puppy, Steven plays the electric ukulele.

I like live music.  I like it most in the personal settings where I can get up close to the musicians.  I went into Berkeley, yesterday, to see Old Puppy at the Nabolom Bakery.  (No cover charge any time. . . but please! Have a sticky roll!)  Few venues are more personal and up-close than the bakery setting.  I saw the band, and they were great, but there is this small problem.

I am friends with the family of various Old Puppy members.  These family members come to see Old Puppy, too.  We go outside to talk.  But if I am outside talking to friends, then I am not inside listening to music.  So, I have to make this choice: friends or music.

For me, the best outcome would be a little talk and a lot of music.  But it always seems to end up the other way around.  I just don’t get over to Berkeley enough to justify ignoring my friends in favor of the music.

Here, then, is the plan: I have been told that next Saturday morning (Jan. 19, 2008), several of my friends (who are related to Old Puppy members) have other things to do, places to go, people to meet, gotta see a man about a horse.  But Old Puppy will still play.  So, if I can get my ass over to Berkeley next Saturday morning, then I will sit inside listening to the music for their entire three hour (10a.m. - 1p.m.) gig.  See you there.

---Pip R. Lagenta
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