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Ten things that I have done that you probably haven't

I wrote this for Ulrika's "Snorkfrökens Bo" blog, but it took me so long to come up with it, that I thought I should post it here, too.  Plus, it makes me look real interesting, and I can't waste that!

This is my version of "Ten Things":

1)    I have made over a million phone calls.
2)    I cleaned the clubhouse of a science fiction club every week for eleven years.
3)    I took viola lessons for two years, but I have never, in my life, ever touched (nor come near) a viola.
4)    I have run through a swamp to capture a feral cat, succeeded, and been rewarded with years of that cat’s love.
5)    I have lived in the next apartment over from a woman who was (at that time) having an affair with William Shatner.
6)    I have been paid by the Catholic Church to care for teenage boys... week in and week out for ten years.
7)    I had Harlan Ellison buy from me a copy of a mass-produced book that he wrote, but that he did not know existed until I showed it to him.
8)    I have had a character in a Star Trek novel named for me.
9)    I have taken "Improvisational Comedy" lessons from a woman who taught "Improvisational Comedy" skills to Robin Williams.
10)   When I was eleven years old (in 1970) I went on a school outing, with everyone in my school, into San Francisco to see the stage production of "Hair", nude scene included.

---Pip R. Lagenta
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