pip_r_lagenta (pip_r_lagenta) wrote,

The Boing Boing Bump

Wow!  The power of publicity!

My “The Raccoon Movie” video on YouTube has been up for a couple of months.  But in the last twenty-four hours the number of views doubled.  As I write this, it is a nice round 400 views.

What”, you may ask, “has happened?  Boing Boing happened.  They posted a link to a YouTube video about a cat and a raccoon.  It is a nice video, but it is not my video.  So, in the comments about this video, I gave a link to my YouTube video.  My comment is buried down at #27, but that was still enough to get 200 views in one day!  Boing Boing is a freaking powerhouse!

---Pip R. Lagenta
Tags: boingboing
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