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Asilomar Photos

I spent most of last Monday scanning in photos that I took at Asilomar Conference Grounds, near Monterey, back in the 1970's.  In the 1970's, I went to a Unitarian Universalist retreat for one week each year.  That retreat was called the Stebbins Institute and it was held at Asilomar.  As I was a teenager back then, my part of the retreat was the LRY, Liberal Religious Youth.  So, that is what I took photos of.
I was given a camera when I was ten years old.  The first camera I had as a kid was a used box camera given to me as a gift by a distant relative.  The relative gave it away because it did not take clear photos.  And for me, IT DID NOT TAKE CLEAR PHOTOS.  Neither of my parents could understand why that mattered to me.  Four years later, I decided to save up for a reasonable camera.  At age fourteen I got a "Kodak Instamatic X-15", new, for fifteen bucks.  It took clear photos!  Yea!
I intend to put all my Asilomar photos in a set on my new Flickr site at some future time.  But the fun part for me is the digital photo manipulation.   I have played with (manipulated) three photos so far.  Tonight, I put the three of them up on Flickr.  The others, in an un-manipulated state will go up later.  When the Asilomar photos go up, you will be able to tell when I switched from the old box camera to the Kodak Instamatic.
---Pip R. Lagenta
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