pip_r_lagenta (pip_r_lagenta) wrote,

The Reiteration

I have been angry with Comcast, these last few months, for making promises and then not delivering on them.  Their big talk, and no action, has made me unhappy.  In frustration, I even opened a Flickr page.

(As I write this, a skunk has come in the cat door, and she is now playing in the cat’s water bowl, six feet behind me.  I find this somewhat distracting.)

Today, Comcast sent me a second email on the subject of increasing my website size by forty times.  The first email was sent on September 27, 2007, and they have been stringing me along ever since.  Today’s email is the same as the first except in one key point: they say that the web site expansion would take place some time over the next week.

I am waiting with abated breath.  There are many things I can do with a web site that is forty times larger than the 25 Megabytes that I now have (and used up in totality).  If Comcast is telling the truth, I will soon be using this blog for its intended purpose.

The intended purpose of this blog has always been to be the place where changes and additions to my web site are described.  And so it shall be, at long last.


---Pip R. Lagenta

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