pip_r_lagenta (pip_r_lagenta) wrote,

Gentle Mockery

I have acquaintances who fancy themselves photographers.  But not just photographers, oh no!  They fancy themselves artistes.

You see, the products that they produce are beautiful photographs.  I do not deny that!  So, what more could I ask?

Here is my problem: they take photographs of flowers.  Flowers are intrinsically beautiful.  Any reasonable photo of a flower cannot fail to be beautiful.  Try it.  Better yet, have your three-year-old try it.  The product that you (or your three-year-old) produce is a beautiful photograph.  Big deal!

I am of the opinion that being able to hold a camera still while pointing it at a bush, does not justify pretensions of artistic skill.  Worse yet, they don’t even hold the camera still themselves.  They use a freaking tripod!

So, what is the proper response?  Why, of course, mockery is the proper response.  This I have done, in my own subtle and gentle manner.  You see, I can take a photo of a flower, too!

---Pip R. Lagenta
Tags: art, flowers, mockery, photography, photos, pretensions of artistic skill
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