The Most Devastating Critique of “Conservatism” That Has Ever Been Uttered

Ari Fleischer (former Whitehouse press secretary under George W. Bush) was on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” last night.  Jon Stewart asked Ari Fleischer why he liked Sarah Palin.  The first part of Fleischer’s three-part explanation of why Ari Fleischer likes Sarah Palin was “because I am a conservative”.

Mary Mother of God!

What a vile cesspit of bone-stick-stone stupidity “Conservatism” must be!

--Pip R. Lagenta


The "they are both idiots" Chestnut

It is a fact of the World Wide Web (that can be considered to be a Web cliché) that whenever an argument between two personalities is discussed in an open forum, some wag will inevitably opine that "they are both idiots", or words to that effect.  It does not matter how much superior one personality’s argument is over the other, the summary dismissal of both parties is brutally certain.  The person(s) writing the "Screw ‘em all" post(s) never gives reasons.  There are no reasons to give.  The only explanation that could be stated is "I don’t understand what these people are saying, therefore they must be idiots".  And who would ever say that?

--Pip R. Lagenta

The Ray Bradbury That I Know Is Not The Ray Bradbury That You Know

There are several blogs (and blog-like web sites) that I like to read regularly.  "Boing Boing", "Boing Boing Gadgets", "Pharyngula", "More Words, Deeper Hole", "UKEBOX", "Whatever", "Cheryl’s Mewsings", "erv", "io9" and "File 770" are just a few of the blogs that I try to visit several times a day.  As you might expect, each has their own individual style.  I like each one for a different reason.

Top among the blogs that I visit multiple times a day is Wil Wheaton’s "WWdN: in Exile".  I enjoy Mr. Wheaton’s style of writing enough for me to acquire his books "Just a Geek" and "The Happiest Days of Our Lives".  These are nonfiction books.  They include essays relating tales of the author’s youth, among other things.  I have really enjoyed reading these books.

I have tried my hand at telling tales of my youth.  I try it from time to time in this blog.  But my first real attempt at it was done about twenty years ago.  I put this first attempt up on the World Wide Web eleven years ago this month.  I wrote it under the "Galen A. Tripp" name.

I called it "The Stupid Fan".

My twenty-year-old essay, "The Stupid Fan", tells of my meeting, as a teenager, with the-world-famous-author, Ray Bradbury.  I had read many of his works and I thought that it would be fun to meet him.

It is "funny" how life does not always go the way that you would like it to.  Nope, "funny" is just not the right word here.  However, I learned a lesson about Ray Bradbury that you should prefer having related to you by me, rather than experiencing personally.  Trust me on this.

Read "The Stupid Fan" at http://home.comcast.net/~galentripp/SFan.html  Wil Wheaton makes writing this kind of essay look easy.  That is because Wil Wheaton is a professional writer.  "The Stupid Fan" is decidedly an amateur attempt.

It seems to me that Ray Bradbury has been getting a lot of press recently.  Stories like this "Boing Boing" report tell of a Ray Bradbury utterly different from the Ray Bradbury that I know.

That is fine.  I know what I know.

--Pip R. Lagenta